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I am a professional system administrator but I use PRO-IT for installations, upgrades, and hosting to free up my time for other projects. It's like multiplying myself! PRO-IT's expertise in MovableType impresses me to no end. Even tricky things like moving from a static site to a dynamic site, or fixing strange Perl Library problems are no problem for them. I plan on using PRO-IT in the future!

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Introduction to Some of the Movable Type v6.2 New Features

There are so many nice features made available by Six Apart on the movable type v6.2 release that it will take me quite some time to describe.

While you could find a short description and the release notes on this page:

Let me try to go over some of the most interesting assets-related newly introduced features.

The features that I would like to describe are:

  • How to Edit an Image;
  • How to Define a Default Upload Folder;
  • Drag-and-Dropping Assets.

To read my guide on the above mentioned 3 features, please go to this article that I just published on Movable Type Demo:
"Some of the newly introduced Movable Type v6.2 features"

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