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God bless America!

Today I'm not going to talk about web development, blog consulting or about movable type consulting, or just about how good I am at coding websites.

Today I want to share with you my feelings. I'm still shocked about what happened at the Boston Marathon these past days.

This horrible event reminds me about what happened on September the 11th, 2001. At that time I was at my office in Rome, Italy where I had an internship. I recall my mobile phone receiving a dozen of SMS messages within just 3-4 seconds. I've realized that something is wrong and I've started to read them.

All those messages were from news agencies mentioning the 911 first attack on the Twin Towers.

My colleagues and I took a TV we've had around and started to watch news reports about what happened. The news was so fresh that one couldn't find anything online yet.

We couldn't believe our eyes what was going on. The first plane was crashed on the first Twin Tower. You know what happened after that. At that point we've realized that we aren't safe any longer no matter where we are.

This attack from Boston is again very touching to me. I've got a series of questions that I'm trying to answer myself. What is behind this terrible event? Why did those two guys do something like that? Do they have accomplices? Were they executing an order?

They've been adopted by the US and helped live a better life than the one they've had in the Russian Federation, so I see no logical reason for doing something like what they did.

A strange coincidence is that the younger suspect, Dzhokhar became a US citizen on September the 11th, 2012, when the US was celebrating 11 years from the most horrible terrorist attack in its history.

After all it did for these guys, does the US deserve such gratitude? Definitely not!

I hope to see this young man and whoever else is involved brought to justice.

God bless America!

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