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I am very happy with the excellent work I received from Pro-IT Service. They managed to convert my templates to the new Movable Type 4 Modular Architecture while maintaining and improving the design and functionality of my existing blog.

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Getting in Love With Movable Type

I've started my web development career way back in 1997, with over 10 years ago

Over time I've got an excellent experience in this field, in one hand by delivering web programming courses in Bucharest and later in Rome for FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), as well as working on various consultancy and development projects for private persons, to organizations of all sizes.

Something extraordinary happen way back in 2003 when I've discovered Movable Type and adopted it for a major publishing platform I've been working with, later becoming its Technical Director.

Having a technical background and an always pro attitude, the desire to discover as much as possible about Movable Type framework and how far can I go with adopting it as a possible CMS for a broader range of projects came in naturally.

At professional level, the relationship between me as a Web Developer and Movable Type as the Development Environment was so happy that I've really got in love with this publishing platform.

Being able to control and adapt Movable Type for absolutely any time of Web site from static Web sites to blogs or online communities became a reality. Since end of 2005 - beginning of 2006, all the projects I've coded and they were more than 200 entire projects, plus a few other hundreds of little jobs have all been based on Movable Type as a CMS (Content Management System).

The marriage with Movable Type is so happy because I could code absolutely everything I need to make sure all the projects I'm working with will be a success.

Among the facilities I really like coding in top of Movable Type I would mention especially: search engine optimization facilities and podcasting support, but also social networks integration and all the other facilities described at https://www.pro-it-service.com/movabletype-extra-facilities.html

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