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Ken Thompson

Mihai is a real ace on anything to do with Moveable Type - if you need to do anything tricky don't even bother trying it yourself or using a general purpose web developer - just ring Mihai - you will have it next day and at a good price.

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Another Food Blog Is Up: The Japanese Food Report

Some time ago I was talking about a customer coming in asking me to work on his "Japanese Food Report" Web site saying that I've been referred by a few important people on this industry and that I'm very popular on the US :)

Based on the same idea as Chocolate & Zucchini or Harvest Wizard, this Web site will be focused on healthy food and recipes, especially from the Japanese kitchen.

The time is up and his Web site is now launched online!

The Japanese Food Report

Harris Salat, my New York-based customer for this project started by providing me the design in PSD format and some notes about what features he would like to incorporate on his Web site. Starting from there we had a session and we've discussed his specs. I took that opportunity to also suggest him a couple of must have extra facilities mainly on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but not only.

I've coded this project from the roots up, starting with hand coding the Web site layout in XHTML/CSS tableless format, integrating it within Movable Type v4.01 and ending with integrating a series of Movable Type extra facilities such as: Professional Print Out, Instant Search, RSS Feeds Subscription, Tags and Tag Cloud, Pinging, SEO facility, Google / MSN / Yahoo Sitemap, Google Analytics online tracking and more.

The site is launching these days, Harris currently experimenting with the system. A couple of nice features will be automatically revealed online in the coming days.

Among this features there is a "Stories" section on the left hand column displaying the thumbnails of the latest fours stories from no. 14 to 17, a "Support Our Sponsors" section and also a "Support Our Friends" section on the right hand column which will display sponsors and friends automatically as Harris will be uploading them to the system.

The entire system is automatic, the client didn't have to bother about touching the templates, Movable Type or any programming. In developing this project I had to also patch Movable Type and add a couple of custom / extra fields.

I must end thanking Harris for his interest on our services. It was really nice working with him and we look forward to grow up this project together and continuously enrich it with new and exciting features.

Are you ready for a nice journey on the Japanese kitchen? Go and check it out at:

The Web site is supposed to be indexed in Google within 72 hours


Thanks for all your hard work, Mihai, the site looks fantastic! You put together an extremely organized and rational content management system and work flow that lets me as a journalist focus on what I need to focus on -- the content. The templates, style sheets and your deft programming do the rest! Thanks again, Harris

Harris Salat | October 15, 2007 12:32 AM


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